Warrington Beach, 2014
Middlemarch road.

Now notes. The first photo at Warrington was taken with a Nikon d800. I preordered the D800 in 2012/3 and got it at the initial price. Last year I simplified my cameras down to the Nikon Z series and some medium format folders, so the camera is gone.  I still like the shot. Many of the photos I have from that period are not usable. It dates from 2014.

The second shot is taken with another camera I don't have any more: A voightlander Bessa R, using Velvia slide film, and then cross processing it, giving it a sense of increased colours. The film was scanned by the processor – something I did for years.

In those days I was a solo Dad, and on the weekends I did not have the kids, I drove and took photos. My wife calls this the bleak period. Let's say that photo was taken in the middle of a very empty road.